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Ignorant and anti-social night calls from

I wish to complain in the strongest terms about the idiotic and anti-social conduct of a operative.
At midnight last night UK time (7am Singapore time), a operative telephoned my landline, waking me, my partner and all my guests. Before I could get to it, the answering machine was triggered, and the call cut off by the caller.
Not satisfied with what they had done, 5 minutes later they did it AGAIN. This time my partner answered. The caller said he was from When asked REPEATEDLY where he was from, he initially avoided saying, but eventually said "The Phillipines" - a DIRECT LIE intended to get him off the hook for what he knew he had done. The telephone number was recorded as 00 65 6422 4930 - a Singapore number, about which several complaints have already been published on line.
The operative stated that he had a guest "on the other line" who wanted to modify their booking. They simply wanted to add one day to their reservation. I had already agreed to this modification in an exchange of extranet emails and the date was vacant on my calendar - so there was absolutely NO reason to contact me to discuss it at all, let alone at an anti-social hour, whether UK or Singapore time!
When I asked him what time he thought it was to be calling us, and told him he had woken the entire house, he failed to apologise and in the background I clearly heard laughter! Then he went on to try to discuss the booking! I told him I wasn't discussing anything with him after midnight and waited for a reply. He said he'd call me in the morning (also unnecessary) and then disconnected the call without apologising or saying goodbye. My guests (including those from were upset about being disturbed and said so at breakfast, leaving me to somehow try to placate them and living in fear of a bad review - ALL CAUSED BY BOOKING.COM'S IGNORANT STAFF. Frankly, if can't train its staff properly not to phone hosts and guests in the middle of the night it shouldn't be running a company.

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the same issue... they are totally disrespectful and they always laugh in the backround if it is a serious problem. i never pick up their phone or i immediately hang up if i hear them saying i feel every single word of you saying here


Thanks Albania. Needless to say they didn't phone the next morning to afford me the chance to tear them apart. So I sent them an email complaining. 3 days and no response............


To us in Italy it went even worse, we were also called tonight from Singapore at 00:40, leaving us waiting with stupid music and nobody even came to speak. If you complain with Email with Booking, for problems for which they don't have a pre-built answer, they simply don't answer you. We are partners only on paper, as for the many forced impositions taken without agreeing together, as real partners should do, (money taken back from reservations that were in default, whether we agreed or not), of the Hotel that pays the invoices who cares ..

Bianca Ionita

It's very strange as I started getting 4 calls one after another after one of the guests canceled the reservation. After calling they also email me with a request for cancelation of the reservation that was already canceled by the guest! The strange thing is that it was a domestic booking and the guest called me from a local number before cancelation so there was no reason to be called at all, especially from the Singapore number. 

 Also in my account, there is a special request to of not to be disturbed about cancelations issues as long there is already a cancelation policy in place. staff should do their job and apply it and stop disturbing us.


It happened again last night.  A problem guest who had ignored our dog policies and booked in was refusing to cancel and demanding relocation at my expense.  After a week of messaging and phoning trying to solve things and getting no response, I rang around 9.30pm to dispute the relocation (which was bound to cost me a fortune).  After arguing with me for two and a half hours on the phone, nothing had been achieved and "John" told me to ring back in the morning.  It was midnight, I was exhausted and gave up.  The house was full of guests, my partner had gone to bed hours ago, so I reluctantly agreed.  I'd been in bed half an hour when he rang me back, waking up the entire household, to tell me they had agreed to drop the relocation claim.  Why not send an email?  Do these *** not understand international time zones?

Kieran Walsh

I see this post was first raised over 2 years ago, and has over 5000 views. You would imagine that might have noticed, and amended their policies and processes, to stop doing this to hosts/partners.   

Sadly, I need to add to my voice to this, having just received a call from them at 5am in the morning here in Australia. I can “maybe” understand the maths issues with some parts of the world. But Singapore and Australia are quite close geographically and only 2 hours apart in time zones. So if it is an outbound call from them at 3am, it is really still an unprofessional contact time for them as well as me, to be in contact.   

My listing details and records with them are clear that we are a 1 person run, single holiday apartment. We are not a chain hotel with 24 hour reservations department. 

Michelle Grist

Just had the same number call us - a small B&B in the UK asking if we had a room free on dates that are clearly booked on   All seems very odd.  


I put it down to poor quality staffing and training.  Half the time they are reading off idiot cards and cutting/pasting their replies.  They use zero common sense when communicating and if you ask for any kind of favour the answer is almost universally "computer says no".  Illogical, ill-informed responses just waste host time and temper.