I'm an host and I want to canceal a booking because I don't trust the person that booked


I have a property on Booking.com whose name is "La Calime-Graziosa stanzetta con bagno (ingresso privato) dotata di spazio esterno e giardino condiviso".

I received a Booking for 14th-15th of August, but I thought I insert the must of makking a reservation for at least 6 nights and I thought you needed time to approve it (but the problem is that I didn't press "save"), 

I'm writing you to ask if you can canceal the booking because the boy that booked didn't asnwered nicely to me and I don't trust him to come to stay at my property (you should be able to check the message, even if it's in Italian).

Looking forward to receiving your answer.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Camilla Cazzato



Hi Camilla Cazzato


  • All bookings are auto confirmed and under the GDT or T&C you must accept them
  • However, if you check your reservations list  you can confirm if the booking is legit and if prepaid.
  • Minimum Stay of 6 nights was not set as a result of user error. Nothing you can do about it now for existing bookings only future bookings.
  • Asking BdC to cancel, will result in relocation and potentially invoiced for the cost in difference forthat guest.

So I would look at the bigger picture, for the sake of a few nights < 6 , and potentially bad review; and the cost of relocation, is it worth it?


If yes then just message BdC support  the booking info and or ring them .


One question is there anything in the message history showing the guest to be aggressive and extremely hostile?

If yes you could actually you use that for grounds of termination, and just message or phone support team , point that out and have them cancel it immediately.


Kind Regards