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Impossible to upload new pictures


We are updating our Booking profile to make it more attractive. We have deleted all our old pictures to add new ones. But since it is impossible to upload. "An unexpected error has occured. Please try again later" is displayed in a red box. After having "dismiss" the message and after reload the page it seems that the image are still present but as ghost files. So we have to dismiss again and again.

We tried to clear the cache memory on the computer (We have tried both on Windows and Mac computer on Chrome and Microsoft Edge)

We made a search on the forum and it seems it's a common problem for people since more than 1 year and I think it's a considerable handicap for your customers. Didn't your dev find a solution yet?? I find that truly unacceptable for such a renowned platform.

When I open the console, it is full of error 404!

Please find attached the screenshots of the issue.

Because of this issue we will loose a lots of customers in our place. Could you please help us to find a quick solution for this.

Thank you in advance.



You have posted this on the partner forum so we cannot help with this. Try the help desk

Coconut Guest House

Ho really?

When I'm looking for the "Help desk" they ask me to "get help from the partner community". I really don't understand!

But thank you I will continue my search 

help desk