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Inappropriate Post!!!

Hi everyone!


This is the second time in a row that I receive following message from BDC...

«...It looks like we have had to remove your post. This means your post included inappropriate content, private information, was incoherent, irrelevant or duplicated...»


BDC doesn’t state which post has been I don’t know where I went wrong!!!!


Hope somebody can help me on this since my intention is to help one another....




Hi M


So it turns out its not necessarily you that did something, it actually sends out that message when a topic and its comments is edited.


So no matter who uses a word the mod script or moderator detects , it sends that message.


Note :the mod script and or moderator never seems to read the context, and just removes. I have caught them out on this a few times. like when an Irishman says feck , arse, drink!   [TV show Fr Ted) , they do not get the reference, context or tone. Its all greek to them :p


.. so with that said any moment now this will get edited by some arse of a moderator. with no sense of humor. 


(see what I did there , lol )




Kind Regards


M Adamopoulou

Thanks Barry for your helpful comments...

I would prefer which post has been removed...