Inbox issues



We are a hotel and have huge issues with our booking.com inbox. 

We always have messages to answer from guests, but after a few minutes (sometimes even seconds), the inbox freezes and says "it looks like something went wrong, please try again later".

After refreshing, we still see that there are messages unanswered, but we cannot actually see these messages. This problem has been happening for the last few months are so. We didn't use to have these issues in the past. It is very annoying as this slows down our work tremendously. Does anyone have the same issue or knows what to do about this? 

Thank you for your help. 



I have answered all my INBOX messages BUT KEEP GETTING REPLIES FROM BOOKING.COM TO ANSWER MY INBOX...…..they should be deleted or give us a box to delete so we can eliminate all unwanted messages.....I have not got the time to keep looking at the inbox when I have already answered them...…...


I support main message. This problem is reccurent and is very annoying since the % rate reply is getting down.