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Increase the length of stay and move the date for a booked guest?

A guest wanted to increase the length of stay and move the date (date overlapped with the existing booking). He couldn't and I could only if the duration stayed the same? The days were free when he wanted to change! I couldn't block ONLY for this guest! Please help because I lost the longer booking, another guest has booked a short stay in the meantime with the requested date. The guest could only cancel and book another accommodation! Sorry Karl

Karl-Heinz Zoeller

I sent the request to "Communication with" on September 8th, 2020 but haven't received an answer until today, September 16th, 2020. I think that it is of interest to all partners because this situation sometimes occurs and cannot be answered from the help pages and I believe that some have already happened and they have a solution (I couldn't get through by phone either). Thanks Karl