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Increase Occupancy with Long Stays


I’m Kavina, one of the Account Advisors who shares advice on making the most of your listing on As an Account Executive in our New Zealand office, I hope to set up our Partners for commercial success! 

As we enter not just a new year but a new decade, our travel needs, behaviors and wants continue to evolve. 2020 will be a year of travel exploration like never before, fueled by technology as well as a growing sense of responsibility and deeper connection with the people and places we visit.

Instead of experiencing the constant fear of missing out and trying to speed through as much as possible, travel in 2020 will be all about taking it slow. One of the best way to reach out to Guests and increase your occupancy is to provide a discounted rate for longer stays at your property. Not only does this help you secure revenue, but long stays also reduce operational hassle on your end: Less time spent checking guests in and out, plus simpler cleaning and sanitizing jobs.

What are long stays?

We consider reservations “long stays” when they’re seven nights or more. These fall under two categories:

• Weekly rates: These require a minimum stay of 7 nights

• Monthly rates: These require a minimum stay of 28 nights

Why add weekly and monthly rate plans?

We recommend considering these rates when building your revenue management strategy. Implementing them can offer you benefits when it comes to:

• Reaching more guests with attractive long-stay rates

• Securing future revenue

• Reducing operational work 

Can I customize my weekly and/or monthly rate?

Yes. You can customize the cancellation policy, the meal plans to include, the dates when the rate is bookable, the discount to offer, and which units or rooms the rate plan applies to.

If your weekly/monthly rate plan is a discounted version of one of your pre-existing rate plans, then your new weekly/monthly rate plan will automatically be open for bookings on the same dates as your pre-existing rate plan.

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BrookAve 1 year ago



Its great having the new rate plan templates.



Merry xmas

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Studio Le Paquier 1 year ago

Hi Kavina,

the title of the thread is #BoostingYourPropertyPerformance, however our experience with is that, as a rental property with just one studio for letting, long stays kill our performance score with, and costs us our BC Preferred Partner status (low availability, low click to view, low look to book) - any ideas on this ? Seems to be a fundamental problem where we are judged against properties with multiple rooms.

As a second point, every single value I enter in the minimum length of stay for monthly bookings returns an error and 'please enter a correct value' - again any help would be useful.



Studio Le Paquier, Gruyeres, Switzerland

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Oscar On Main … 1 year ago

Can you please clarify if the long stay discount is staked on top of the genius discount & any other discounts (such as mobile)?

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fluff 1 year ago

This is a useful tool, especially under current circumstances here. We currently have an amount of long stay guests but very few short stays. (Adapt and survive!)

However, what I couldn't find was how to have different property policies for short stays and long stays ( >28 days ).

e.g. For short stays we don't charge a security/damage deposit ( we have the guest sign a waiver that they will charged separately for any damage etc. ) but we do for long stays.

How can this be set up on Extranet?

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Hi fluff!

Sorry cannot help you on this have only one Studio and my knowledge is very poor but maybe you should call your local BDC office and ask them to help you with the set up…

Wish you a nice day.

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fluff 1 year ago

Yes, I did that at the same as posting here.

BDC's response is basically "not possible". I think someone needs to wake up and realise long term bookings are a different animal to short and need independent settings.

Anyway, special notes (that no one reads), policies (that no one reads) and booking receipt messages (that are usually ignored) to the rescue(sic).

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M Adamopoulou 1 year ago

Thanks for your feedback…

You are so right!!!

Sheila O'Boyle 5 months ago

How do you find and contact your local BDC office?

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Mahmood Oman 25 days ago

Hi, thanks for the information.

me i do long stay plan for my hostel.

now i have client stay 30 days on my hostel with 30 percent discount.