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instant booking and cancelling guests

Hello, I do not get a chance to approve guests booking. i would like to have even 24 hours to approve or not as things change so quickly. I get no option to approve - the guest just books. In my latest case I may need to cancel a guest who has booked instantly. How do I do that? So 2 questions - first to switch off this instant booking if possible, and 2nd to cancel a guest. Thanks, Nicole

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BrookAve 1 year ago



Hi Nicole


It seems you did not watch the Howe It Works video or the Getting Started guides.


Its a core feature of the platform for Partners, that all bookings are auto confirmed once your Availability Calendar shows :

  1. Room Open with Inventory =>1
  2. Room Type defined and Rate Plan Associated
  3. A confirmed booking by the platform has to be honored or work directly with the guest to cancel , change dates etc.


Its all about how to word the notification to the Guest when you need to cancel.

Keep it short and direct. If possible ask them to change their dates to after a date you choose.

If not an option to change dates, such as closing until covid restrictions are lifted, then go ahead and tell them you need to cancel first and foremost due to COVID19.

and that they will receive a follow up system notfication asking them to accept the cancellation shortly.


Now go to the reservation details page, and on right pane click Request Cancel, choose option 1, this generates the 2nd notification for them to click accept on in their email inbox.

This also has a secondary action of you agreeing to waive fees and fully refund any rate prepaid, if any.

If you dont do any of this and the guest contacts BdC CS, or you contact BdC Partner Support ( two different teams), you could end up being invoiced for relocating the guest, should they not change dates nor cancel as requested. Hence why you should deal with Guest directly.



Kind Regards