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Good morning


I have received this invoice # *** - confirmation # *** but I did not have any guests from booking at that time. I have sent several emails but no response since I have received a reservation and I have occupied the house I was not able to rent it.

Can you please advise 

I have a copy of the email I sent to customer service:



Fri 2/21/2020 9:50 AM


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Good morning booking,

I have received this reservation yesterday evening, I reply to the customer that the house is reserved until 26 of February. So it will be not available for them. I try to go to the calendar to block the dates but doesn’t let me.

I need a confirmation that this reservation is canceled. Can anyone can advise. 

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Hi Carolina,


All you can do is message the support team with the task at hand and wait for them to respond.



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Reminder this is partner community , not direct BdC support nor finance teams.

4 months ago