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Invoice being charged for alternative accommodation for guest

I recently had to cancel a booking for a guest because the pump on my boiler failed which meant I had no hot water or heating in December. It was a two night stay and found the guest alternative accommodation. I have now been billed an extra £80.00 for that guests alternative accommodation.  I was just sent an email saying you owe £80 for this guests stay, we will deduct it out of your payment. So I rang was on the line for 30 minutes when I got through and explained my situation the phone clicked off. This happened twice. When I eventually got through I asked for an invoice to be sent because the guest told me he didn’t stay anywhere as I had ruined his plans he was quite abusive and angry.  When the invoice came through I noticed it was for one of the most expensive hotels in the area. Booking .com informed me they offered the guests an alternative accommodation but he turned it down saying it was too far out.  It was in the same area as me, as was the very expensive hotel. told me they allowed the guest to choose the accommodation. We are a very small business with just one self catering apartment. We charged £60.00 per night. The invoice from the guests alternative accommodation came to £206.00 per night.  They had booked breakfast,dinner ,wine and room service package. It is supposed to be like for like .  I am astounded that expect me to pay the difference . I have tried to ring again another 30 minute wait and then when I get through they put me on hold and then the line cuts off again. I am really upset and feel let down by We are having such a hard time with cancellations in the pandemic etc. A pricey bill doesn’t help. Surely this isn’t ethical?  They then sent me a message saying go to dispute an invoice. This doesn’t have anything to do with my issue. It directs me to how I can change charges to the guest or commission queries.  I feel let down,upset and not worth the hassle 



Hi Gunnado


When you signed up you agreed to having to pay relocation invoices when you cant accommodate an auto confirmed booking.


The only way to prevent this is if the guest cancels trip or you relocate them yourself.

There is no like for like, its entirely based on what is available. Ethical has nothing to do with it.


As you said the Guest never travelled to the area, then in this case you can dispute it.

But you will need proof, so just attach it to the message.


As this is Partner Hub, we cannot assist further, hope it works out, best of luck.





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Hi BrookAve,

So in essence you are saying the guest could have booked anywhere he liked. If I bought a TV, and took it back because it broke do you think they would replace it with a TV 3 times the value of the original one. I don't think so. No company can get away with that. The guest was offered alternative accommodation which he turned down because it was too far away, yet he booked one of the most expensive hotels just up the road from the accommodation offered??? It wis wrong on both levels. 




I am not saying I dont agree with you. I am only saying how it typically is.


I actually do agree with you it was a shitty thing for them to take the Guest at their word.


Reminder : You are talking to partners [volunteers] not BdC Support Staff on here. :)


Kind Regards,

Merry Xmas / Happy New Year


Thank you I appreciate it. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you x