Invoice Corporate account?

Hi my Name is Jessie Baldwin, the general manager of Best Western Northeast property #***. I am reaching out to find out if we are on a corporate account with you guys and best western is paying our invoices? Or if we are not on a corporate account and we need to actually take care of that billing our self? And if that is the case how do we as a business go about setting up a direct pay with you guys? I am needing this information so I know what route to take when it comes to paying those invoices. If someone can contact me by e-mail or phone that would be awesome. 

   Business number:  ***


Thank you for you time have a great day!



Jessie, as this is a partner forum , BdC support will never see this.


On the topic of how to pay invoicing yes it is determined by what IBAN/SEPA bank info you setup on your extranet dashboard under the finance overview section.


Its up to you which bank account is used not BdC.  THey may not have the option you mentioned of a HQ account as i believe its usually per location and not by a corporate entity.


I could be wrong about that part as I have not seen any mention of it before.