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In SA we're pretty much stuck with the one and only service provider for satellite TV: Multichoice. They have completely locked the access to any live sport event and like I said, there's no other competitor on the market, so they can enforce any price

Now comes the IP TV option, or Internet Protocol TV. I guess there is a number of service providers and I would like to know from the community which one you would recommend and what kind of budget am I looking at. 

From what I understood, it boils down to purchasing a set-top box. What from there on? Does one pay per bundle, time billing, monthly fee?

Thanks for your valued input.

Kind regards / Yves  

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BrookAve 2 years ago


Hi Yves Ducommun


There are generally two types of IPTV service or subscriptions.


IP address based limited 


MAC Address limited.


The subscriptions can offer  based on number of devices i.e. Smart TV too.

Some will include or only include viewing fro ma program on a computer  such as VLC player.


While there are some hardware devices you can get those are not exclusive to IPTV and more common as Android tv boxes with KODI and other tv /movie/sport  apps for content.


I recently saw 3 being offered. Typically a quick google or search on reddit will list you many providers and resellers of these offers.


So depending on how many TVs with SMARTIPTV app installed or equivalent, you would pick a package to cover the count of TV.


HIVE IPTV is offering up to 5 devices, and includes option for android devices such as tv box connected to tv with android.


They and most offer trial for x days at a nominal cost.