Issues with the Calendar

Having major issues with the Booking.com sync calendar. All my calendars are synced and work amongst 3 platforms however it is not syncing properly on Booking.com. I have had 2 bookings already I have had to reject as a result. 

Any tips?


I never had any problems - just double check that you have the calendar synchronizing both ways (ie. on the booking.com and for example airbnb) and you will need to use the refresh to update the data otherwise for nothing.

M Adamopoulou

My calendars are synced and are working well. Booking.com has suggested to me to double check my calendars after every reservation because a double booking can occur if guests happen to make reservations at the same time.

M Adamopoulou

Sorry I just had a reservation for 7 days in May and although my Airbnb calendar has been synced the last day was not blocked so I blocked it manually.
Therefore double checking our calendars is more than vital.