It's perfect to create Airport Transportation Rate Plan

Hello all partner,

Mingalarbar! Greetings from Myanmar!

Most travelers are looking for a private airport transportation service arranged by the Hotel. It's most reliable way for them to get hotel. Within 5 years, I was received so many messages from BDC guests asking for an airport transportation arrangement by us.

I think it's perfect to create one new rate plan (Room+Airport Transfer service) for those who need this. Guests can choose one more option very easily. I suggest BDC community partner to create this rate plan. It's just my advise.

Hope you all have a great day!

M Adamopoulou

Hi Myat,


Its true....some guests feel more safe if we arrange  their pick up...


Thanks for advising and stay safe?






Actually all you need to do is use the Facilities & Services section of the extranet, to mark it as a service.

then add the extra fee in the Fine Print.


Do not try to add it to the rate, as it will be taxed by the BdC Commssion too 



Then when you get a new booking create and reuse a message template - 'Airport PickUp Service optional ' to notify the mof it and the cost payable on arrival or prepaid, and the payment method for direct pay.



Kind Regards

Myat Noe Oo

Hi BrookAve,

I forgot about BDC commission, thanks for reminding me. I've already marked as airport shuttle service in Facilities & Services section. Now I need to do is to add the extra fee in Fine Print. Thanks too much for this kind of suggestion.

Have a lovely day!