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Jan 19th Talking To Partner Support on Rates, Calendar and Brexit Bank Fees




So today I decided to give the Irish number a call and got routed to a USA based team, Follow-The-Sun-Support method.


I had a few things I had seen mentioned here and one I wanted to clarify some testing I had done with availability calendar.


What I learned today was:


  • Availability Calendar  
    • - Using Weekly & Monthly Rate Plans  
      • When you set a price value and a Minimum length of Stay , e.g. 28 [shortest month of the year], make sure you set price as the monthly cost /28, and not the cost you want for the month. I'm pretty sure a few of us made this mistake already, myself included, lol.  
      • How do I calculate and base my Weekly Rate off of the Monthly rate? Lets say you want 700 monthly, at 28 days min stay, so that is 25 EUR a night. Now for weekly set it to be based on Monthly and More Expensive By 10 EUR, [not %], so now will update and show the Nightly as 35 EUR a night.  
    • - After Updating Calendar How Long should those changes take to replicate to live BdC Guest website.?  
      • In general it should NOT take more than an hour. In rare cases up to several hours.   
      • But even if there is a delay, by the time Guest gets to Checkout to book and or pay, the correct price should then be shown.  
      • I know its not ideal and can potential put off a potential Guest booking.  
  • Finance & Getting Payout  
    • - BREXIT & Banking Fees  
      • This is actually being addressed and work in progress to update where Partners in Eu or UK , vice versa are to get paid by bank transfer from a bank in their own region and not the other.  
      • This is only effecting some Partners. Those in EU will be likely getting payments form Netherlands based Bank.  ​​​​​​​Those with in UK from a UK bank.



Fran Alvarado

Thank you Barry for the info, but any idea how BdC are going to compensate for those already bank fees charged to partners, in my case is 84€, but I think there should be more owners in the same situation with different amounts. As this wasn't our fault I think we deserve some kind of compensation, no?



Hi I understand and see both sides.


But the harsh reality of it is this is not actually an issue for Booking com.


Having said that they will be and are switching non UK partners to be paid from an EU bank.


The greedy banks are the real crux of the issue, they knew brexit was coming,  they could have easily reduced the fee.


So there's no realistic expectation that BdC should compensate Partners.


Yes it would be nice if they did, so short of a miracle, or a leprechaun's blessing, it is just not going to happen


Kind regards.



Fran Alvarado

Update from BdC about the bank fees and Brexit:


Dear collaborator

 Thank you very much for contacting

 Our Payments team has linked these charges to bank fees due to some of our payments being sent from the UK, and as a result of Brexit, officially executed on January 1, 2021. These fees are due to the UK leaving the  European Union and be considered an international transaction.

 For now our efforts have been focused on ensuring that subsequent payments will not carry such fees.  We are pleased to confirm that we have moved the location of the payments at source on an urgent basis and completed the process successfully.

 We are currently evaluating forms for a potential return to all affected collaborators, as soon as we have more information we will let you know.  It will be during these next few days, a decision is already being made about it.

 We take this opportunity to extend our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused, and we appreciate your trust.

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Francisco, for update...


Nice to hear that BDC listens to us!!!


Wish you well 🌞

M Adamopoulou

Massive pleasure Francisco.


Please have in mind that your property link in  profile Partner Community is missing.


Cheers 🥂 

M Adamopoulou


Your place is amazing!!!

Love your decoration...pillows, happy tree, drawings, tables, kitchen!!!! Are you the decorator???

Everything is wonderful and very cost!!!


 I have visited Las Palmas and have incredible memories!!!


My friend at this modus in La Puntilla😎😎😎

Fran Alvarado

Thanks a lot, our place is a reflect of our own passion of living, we, my wife and me, put a lot of ourselves in the house, a bit of happiness and peace of mind for those guests spend their first or last night with us, as we are focus on 1 night stays due to our proximity to Las Palmas airport.

Wish we can have a swiminingpool or a fabulous mountain view but we compensate it with tons of care and hospitality.

Las Palmas is a beautiful and very vibrant city.

M Adamopoulou

You have done excellent work!!!

Your passion of life for happiness is very clear...

I guess you also follow the moto...

“Life is about using the whole box of crayons”


Your hospitality vibes are your best view ⛰