July 29th Recovery Kit Update - Guest reviews’ expiration date extended


Since we are dont always read what is right in front of us , including emails from BdC, I thought to share this here....


The most noticible noteworthy change is that Guest Reviews  will not expire after 2 years on July 31st 2020

New features in your Recovery Toolkit


BdC added new features to help you capture travel demand, as well as a Genius trial that can connect Genius partners with a wider audience of guests. 



1. Guest reviews’ expiration date extended


To make sure your property isn’t negatively impacted by the loss of reviews, we’re extending the shelf life of your current reviews from two years to three years. This is the latest step in improving our guest review system – stay tuned for more.


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2. Helping travellers find properties like yours


When a traveller searches for a specific city or region, we're highlighting relevant properties at the top of the Search Results page based on what we know is popular right now – such as nature, the countryside and the waterfront.


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3. Show guests how you’re protecting them



Put guests’ minds at ease by displaying your health and hygiene measures on your property page. We’ve just added an option to report if your property offers self check-in, and we’re working on how best to showcase this to your potential guests.



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4. Genius trial to encourage more booking


From mid-July through to September, we’ll be running an optional campaign to help Genius partners reach a wider audience of potential guests. The Genius trial encourages signed-in travellers to book a Genius property by temporarily offering them Genius benefits for seven days.


M Adamopoulou

Barry thank you very much for keeping  us update...

Wish you happy and healthy guests...