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Kandamangalth Hilux Inn (***) - Re Open / Bookable


Our Account Kandamangalth Hilux Inn *** seems Closed / Not Bookable. Please re-open this account as soon as possible as we are not getting any bookings or listing in and help us to boast our property.

Let me know whether any information is required. Please check the screenshot and please re-open it urgently


Abdul Jaleel


M Adamopoulou


Since this is only a Partner Community please resend your message directly to through your Extranet inbox tab.

Maybe you should also check if you have opened your rooms...


Community Admin

Hi abdul jaleel, thank you for posting in Community.

Please be aware that your property seems like being a duplicate of an existing one.

If this is not the case, you might consider to check if the existing property is considering a change of ownership as this could be the reason why your property is not open bookable.

abdul jaleel

As of now i am only using 1 account. If its duplicated please help us to find and remove the other account. Kandamangalth Hilux Inn *** this account is the real one which we are using. 

M Adamopoulou

Hi abdul,

Since this is only a Partner Community, I thinks its better if you resend your message request directly to through your Extranet inbox tab.

Wish you luck.

Community Admin

Dear abdul jaleel


Unfortunately, it is not possible to reinstate a duplicated account. If the original registration also belongs to you, please continue working with the original registration. 


If someone else registered the property, but now this property belongs to you, please, contact our Customer Support team and they will assist you with change of ownership. 


Best regards!


Dear Admin,

Our property is being kept in closure for around one month. No reason has been received and more importantly not guidance over what to do to re-open it. Just told always to wait. I would appreciate if you could guide me in this difficult time. 

Best regards



The simple answer and solution is pick up the phone and ring the support team,as we are not the support team and do not have the level of access they do in order to better assist you.


Kind Regards