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Last Minute Promotion

Hello All,

I want to set up a simple last minute promotion starting 12 noon daily to sell the rest of my hostel beds at a 10% discount.

So I found the last minute promo option but i dont see any banner on my property after i set it up.... i would like a "last minute deal" banner or similar.... you know sometihing to catch the eye of the potential customer for them to see im offering last minute deal....

Does this possibilty exist? if so can someone tell me exactly how to set it up, TIA






A last minute or any other promotion under section Promotion is setup as a % on specific dates and not time based.


Of course you can enable minimum notice for bookings to be up to 1 hour so someone on say today for exmaple can book last minute up to 22:59.

Koh Tao Centra…

Ok I see Barry thank you.

So lets say that tomorrow at 12 noon when we see we have 4 empty beds that I want to try to sell before 7pm same day when our reception closes.

I would set up last minute deal with 10% off, all rates, both my dorm rooms, no minimum stay required.

How would I correctly set up "when can guests book this promotion"?

Regards Johnny 


I think for 7pm aka 19:00 you just need to change the 1 hour to 6 hours, which would be 18:00/ 6pm and then they can check in by 19:00/ 7pm , assuming you dont want them turning up after 7pm.