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late check-in

Hello from Barcelona, 

i wanted to ask about the posibility of extra-charge for late check-in, from 23 hs for example. This is posible to put in the site??  Thanks in advance



You could simply add it as text on top of a photo as well as mention it in your auto messages template for new reservation. 


Are you doing it as a deterrent ?

Honestly I would not, as its 2020 and just feels like a shity thing to do. Imo.


You want to encourage bookings not put people off.


When I look at usa accommodation online and see extras fees that are out of touch with the times we live in it just puts me off choosing them.


Like 3 in same city say nyc timeswuare, all with , on arrival must pay cash or direct payment for a fee , that then varies night and day between the 3 places.  That's just screams its unethical and not even needed.



Aaltje B.

We don't charge for late check ins. But saying that, just going through some trouble because guests arrive six hours after check-in time. 

I have to be nice snd welcoming., but inside I was quite worried. It was pitch dark when they arrived. And not without danger on the road where we are   with gravel roads , steep gullies and no nightlights or lanterns whatsoever. 

Second: we need our sleep too. I must tell him in his review that this is unacceptable behaviour. He is traveling the world. obviously booked through an other platform. 

Tricky thing is.. often when guests know they haven't behaved well they won't write their review so mine will never reach him either. 


Lesson learned : Be more strict when it comes to check in time. 

How: by simply not coming out of bed to "warmly" welcome late guests . 


Pfew . I'm tested here. Haha . 

If I were having a hotel I would have to deal with it, professionally. 

I guess hotels have their policies. 

But they also have nightstaff. 


I asked guest: did you get lost by car. Yes  but only the last kilometers.. So it was a choice to be that late! Grrr 

Now back to sleep . 





M Adamopoulou

No, we dont charge for late arrival.

Always send a message or call guests to make sure they are not lost and to ask them politely their arrival time.  Most of them are on time unless their plane or boat is late...


Aaltje B.

Not here in the wilderness. No reception and cant reach them. 

Then short term bookers are the most difficult to reach. Since no contact possible whatsoever. That is a challenge . 


Aaltje B. 

Karla Hernandez

I would like to charge an extra fee for late check-in as well: I do not operate a hotel nor I have night staff. People are staying in my house and guests should respect the operating hours the announcement says. At a hotel, they charge for this and I honestly don´t see any trouble what so ever. 

As Aatlje said: we need our sleep and if they are going to make us stay up late, I believe that could be compensated!

Aaltje B.

I must create a late check fee in as well . Must put it clearly in photo with clock and dollar sign, hehe. 

Will work on something . 


Aaltje B