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late check in

Our check in policy is clear, 16:00 - 21:00. If guests request late check in we normally accept, unless the time is crazy late like 2 or 3 in the morning. We are in contact with guests the day before they are due to arrive to explain check in times in case they havent read the policy.  Today we have guests arriving who obviously had not checked the train times, even though we messaged them yesterday to check the arrival time.  they have now  told us they expect to arrive around midnight which is bloody annoying. no apology or even a "is that ok?"  We are not a hotel this is our home and to have to wait around until 12 is really inconvenient.  any tips on how to deal with this?  is there a late arrival fee we could impose? 


I totally agree.  It is really inconsiderate.  Unfortunately guests don't read a lot of the detail.  You can charge them but then you risk getting a bad review.  Really difficult when they are coming into your home as you can't just leave a lock box for someone to let themselves in.

I had someone that wanting to arrive at around 2am and when I told him it would be $20 he wasn't happy and cancelled.  Which suited me fine.

As a start put something in the Fine Print about a charge.