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Le Tertre Ychot

We had a review somewhat below our average: 7.5  for all options with no comments. The 4 previous scores were 10. The client denied sending a review at all: 

To be honest, as far as I can remember I did not review your cottage at all! Yes, we did get an invitation to do so by, but I deleted the mail. We had a perfectly nice stay with you and are considering, as we speak, a return in May of this year. Nothing has decided yet, but still…..

No, we enjoyed the cottage a lot, it was well equipped, clean, great bedrooms and one perfect bathroom, lots of parking space ;-) and a perfect location to visit many of the Brittany pearls. No complaints, so really sorry about this…..

So my questions are; Does Booking have a default that is applied if no review is sent and can I remove a review that the client says was not sent. Thanks. Peter

Dene Guest House

Hmm never experienced something like that but had people mixing up properties. One can see it when comments are left and guests mention things you are not having or providing at all. 

You could say that this low review was meant for another place they had stayed, but need the customer's help, then booking will remove it. We did that.