Limit the bookable period up to 6 month of advance

I would like to leave guests the possibility of booking stays up to a maximum of 6 months in advance. For example if a guest books today (august 2019) I would like to give him the possibility to book his stay up to February 2020. Is there any way to apply this rule without updating manually the calendar?


I haven't looked into this myself but am aware that Expedia have a back door method of doing this so maybe BDC does too?

On Expedia, you would set up your calendar for only 6 months, then let it auto-copy-rates as the months roll over, just need to watch your rates as trade seasons change. In both cases some conversation would be needed with the OTA.

All in theory, not tried it myself.

Rachel Burnett


Did anyone find an answer to this - my calendar seems to be open ended but I need to limit it as the house is on the market.