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Location issues!!!

Hello Dear Partners!!!

This category is very tricky and I have noticed that  many of our partners have issues with.

Location is a topic that has been discussed over and over again in this Community but although partners have given very valuable suggestions...location still remains a difficult issue.

We get unfair and misleading reviews. Of course  it gives valuable information to our guests, which we don’t want to lose but  at the same time our property is graded for something we cannot control.

I think there have to be some definitions regarding location..... so guests understand what they really rate in their reviews. It has to be more clear in the review process that guests should rate the accuracy of our location description, rather than the location itself, since in our description its very clearly stated where exactly our property is located.

Your thoughts are all welcomed!!!

Wish everybody a great evening!!!



Don Burns

We have had a few negative reviews, as our property location is four miles from the nearest town.


Registering guests don't thoroughly look at our property map on Booking,com, which shows we are not in the center of town.  Then, they write a bad review afterward about it.


We do say in our description we are four miles from the nearest restaurants, bars, gift shops, etc.  But a few are not happy when they discover our distant location upon their arrival.

M Adamopoulou


Dear Don, exactly the same situation with my property...

I hope BDC can help us in some way in this unfair situation.

Wish you a great evening.