Lockdown in UK due to COVID-19 and Booking.com send me this!!!

ust received this!!!! To say we are livid is putting it mildly! Because:

1. Why the guest won't cancel?

2. A clear indication that Booking.com are NOT supporting us and are clearly living on a different planet!

Any ideas as to how best deal with this are welcome!

Dear Powe House,

You've informed us that you cannot accommodate ***xxxxxxxx, reservation ***xxxxxxxx***, on check-in date ***.

We’ll be happy to look for an alternative accommodation for them, doing our best to find one within the same price range.

Additional costs resulting from this relocation may be invoiced to your property.

If you have any questions, we are here for you.

-- *** Booking.com Customer Service Team


Many thanks, Powe HOuse


Hi! I do not think i would worry about it really and it looks like some automated msg where the guest is trying to position it as you initiating the cancellation rather than the guest doing it as they might think they will not get a full refund!


As explained in the FAQ https://partner.booking.com/en-gb/help/legal-security/coronavirus-faqs in the case of a Force Majeur you are allowed to cancel a booking as specified in the General Delivery Terms (GDT), in your contract with Booking.com!

Stay safe and stop hasseling!



Also you might want to email/txt the guest and say that they will get a 100% refund but they need to initiate the cancellation from the booking.com website!

Powe House

Thanks for the advice. Sadly, we have already emailed the guest, we have even had a phone call from booking.com enquiring as to the reason that we want to cancel, hence we are fed up to now receive this email.


In that case, cancel your wish to cancel the booking. Tell BDC you made an error and are fully capable of accommodating the guests.

Then tell the guest THEY must cancel with BDC directly, DO NOT do this yourself as it will incur high costs to you.