Hi all,

As much as I would like to follow conversation in long posts...it seems impossible.

When someone leaves a comment in a long post for example "Did you know we are changing the way guest reviews work", etc. that has more than 2 pages it is impossible to find who has left the comment.  Our email notification doesnt forward us to the relevant comment but to the Post...

I know, this issue has been mentioned before but sadly nothing has been done so far.

Hope somebody can take a serious action about this matter....so we can continue contributing.



Exactly so. I no longer look for replies in the long threads.

It's been pointed out many times but the team here ignore our requests. It's very rare I look here now as the forum is the worst format I've ever seen.

M Adamopoulou

fluff, its  very annoying with the long threads...its a shame because some long threads have interested comments and information but since BDC cannot do something about it, I guess all of us will eventually stop looking at them....

I miss the old Forum, but please dont stop your contribution.   Your experience is valuable especially for us newbies.

Wish you a great day.

M Adamopoulou

Dear Partner,

Please translate in English so can Partners can help you.

Best wishes.


Hi M Adamopoulou! Thank you for the feedback. Good news is we are working on improving this. :) Hopefully it will change in the near future.

M Adamopoulou

Wow!!! Sergei, thats good news....

Thank you very much for the feedback and have a nice evening.