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MAin Focus : Affordable rents , Family Businesses

Dear Partners , 

My name is Enxhi. Lately I havent the time to connect that much with our community but I am always trying to find the time at least to read your posts which are quite helpful and thank you for taking ur time and writing them down.

The property I am renting is mostly a family business, something I started more than a year ago for my aprofits and for sure cus I like welcoming people to my country. In my country is super challenging to keep things running, we are a small place but full of renting properties. I would like to put my attention not on hostels, not on hotels ,B&B but in HOMESTAY  version of booking.I am talking about very very affordable choices for adventurous ppl, backpackers etc. It is somehow hard to increase your revenue by giving promotions or discounts as we are talking about prices less than 15$/night/room. Basically your are renting a room cheaper than a bed in a hostel. 


Anybody else here is running something similar and would like to give some advices on how to push the slower months like january/february and any other idea that is helpful and would enlight somehow our minds too.

Maybe Ive been writing too long but hopefully I would get some tips or tricks about this topic .

Thank you in advance, 



Unirii View Studio



You can try to make some professional photos after re-decorating a bit and after increase the price...that's what I would try

Humphrey M.

Hi Enxhi, Which country are you in? Have you thought about up-selling different things like airport pick ups? tour around your town, breakfast and dinner? 



M Adamopoulou


Very interesting suggestions...Humphrey....

We should think about them...

Thanks for posting.