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I've had my listing up for a few months and noticed that in my area, I am the only one with a swimming pool but on the main screen where it shows all the properties, I'd like mine to say "swimming pool" so people know we have it. Any suggestions how I can have that show up? Thank you so much.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Dear Kelly maybe you should have your main picture with your swimming pool...

People prefer to see pictures then to read.

Wish you Well.

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353 Degrees North 2 years ago

Hi Kelly,


Agree 100% with M Adamopoulou.


To expand on that suggestion what I'd do is:

  • Upload swimming pool photos to your listing.
  • Tag Photos with “Swimming Pool” & “Pool View” (Make sure you go through every option as you can tag a photo with "Swimming Pool" about 4 times).
  • Go to the "Property" section for your listing and go to "Facilities & services" and make sure you have got "Swimming Pool" displayed under "Top Facilities".
  • If not go to "Room amenities" and add it in.
  • Check your "Property page score" is at 100%.
  • Then Go to Extranet.
  • Click/Tap on "Contact us".
  • This will then display "Compose New Message" highlighted in Blue. Click/Tap on that.
  • It will display "Pick a support topic".
  • "Topic" choose "Property Details"
  • "Subtopic" choose "Room details'.
  • Then disregard all the "Find answers to your subject from the list below" and click/tap on the bottom option "Compose New Message".
  • Then tell Booking you've done all the above and that you want your property description to make mention of your swimming pool as it's a major point of difference compared to other properties in your area.


There is more info on this link (but if you do the above and contact them you will get a faster response):


Hope that helps.


Kind Regards