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I've had my listing up for a few months and noticed that in my area, I am the only one with a swimming pool but on the main screen where it shows all the properties, I'd like mine to say "swimming pool" so people know we have it. Any suggestions how I can have that show up? Thank you so much.

M Adamopoulou

Dear Kelly maybe you should have your main picture with your swimming pool...

People prefer to see pictures then to read.

Wish you Well.

353 Degrees North

Hi Kelly,


Agree 100% with M Adamopoulou.


To expand on that suggestion what I'd do is:

  • Upload swimming pool photos to your listing.
  • Tag Photos with “Swimming Pool” & “Pool View” (Make sure you go through every option as you can tag a photo with "Swimming Pool" about 4 times).
  • Go to the "Property" section for your listing and go to "Facilities & services" and make sure you have got "Swimming Pool" displayed under "Top Facilities".
  • If not go to "Room amenities" and add it in.
  • Check your "Property page score" is at 100%.
  • Then Go to Extranet.
  • Click/Tap on "Contact us".
  • This will then display "Compose New Message" highlighted in Blue. Click/Tap on that.
  • It will display "Pick a support topic".
  • "Topic" choose "Property Details"
  • "Subtopic" choose "Room details'.
  • Then disregard all the "Find answers to your subject from the list below" and click/tap on the bottom option "Compose New Message".
  • Then tell Booking you've done all the above and that you want your property description to make mention of your swimming pool as it's a major point of difference compared to other properties in your area.


There is more info on this link (but if you do the above and contact them you will get a faster response):


Hope that helps.


Kind Regards