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Make the worst reviews in your favor!

All of us eventually receive a very bad review like I just did! sometimes it’s because of some legitimate reasons, some times it has to do with guests’ attitude and status that we can’t control (like a pre-decided frustration of the guest for the whole trip) and sometimes it’s a mix of both. Bad reviews in spite of their frustrating effect are excellent opportunities to us to set better expectations for future guests, shine on, show our true colors, professionalism and respect to guests. Bad reviews can’t be not responded to, you’re not only confirming what’s negative about you or your property when you do so but you also prove carelessness, and you lose the chance to use this review in your favor. Few tips on how to minimize the negative effect of bad reviews and turn them in your favor: 

1) Sincerely apologize for the valid points mentioned in the review.

2) Thank your guest for his/her effort writing it.

3) Don’t complain from the guest or balme him/her for anything that was not related to his/her review.

4) Be genuine in what you write. 

5) Show self confidence responding to every point thoroughly. 

6) Show content and the exact opposite of frustration from your response and add smiley faces :)

7) Thank the guest for anything good he did with you or your property.


At the end of day we’re all humans, We all know nothing is perfect and review readers will highly appreciate confident owners who were not dragged into a fight with an ex-guest. The more professional, mature and honest you were in your response, the more you have the readers on your side. Also remember your next guest knows he’s subject to the same response he’s reading now so he/she needs to be well assured he’s not being disrespected in the future by any means on the contrary even if he wrote a negative review. Best of luck to all of us!

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pibomarco 2 years ago

That's a professional approach. 

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Positive thinking gets positive results!!!

Many thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts...

As pibomarco mentioned very professional!!!

Keep well.

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Delbert Adair 2 years ago

Great points in responding to a negative review. These response tips show we value our home and the guest's comments.