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Marketing Analyst and Strategist

Hello everyone, good afternoon!

03 years ago I discovered Booking and I was very identified with the platform's strategy because besides having access to more qualified guests we could also count on the aggressive marketing of each one of them, which could undoubtedly maximize the possibility of capturing reservations for any property.

I currently manage 05 properties here (Booking), located in Brazil and 01 in Miami USA, and take care of the calendar management, monthly price survey, performance analysis, take care of the disclosure strategy of each one of them, study the profile of the target audience, I research the total and type of competitors, all in order to leverage ownership on the platform.

I have currently had a good performance and so I decided to leave here an invitation for anyone who is interested in my work and, if anyone is interested, I am totally available through contact ***   Marketing Analyst and Strategist

Cleber Barros

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Leandri Klopper 2 years ago

Hey Cleber,

Super happy for you!

I wish you all the best with your future endeavours. 

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Cleber 2 years ago

Hi Leandri, thanks for the kind message and I wish the same to you. Big hug 

At Cleber