Message and Phone assistance

Hello Community,

Just wanted to know if you have Tips on how to get a response on an easy but very important issue from the support team ?

I've been thriving for over a week now with little of reaction, which mainly tells me they will get back to me! 

On my extranet I have 4 phone numbers that they assure will be more than happy to assist me. But after 8 days, tens of calls, I couldn't get hold of anyone of them, EVEN ONCE !! 

Any help on how to get a response from them will be much appreciated.

Thank you.



Which country are you in? Are you in high season now (BDC much busier with enquiries).

Are you calling a local office i.e. is there a national office you can call instead?


If your problem is not guest specific it may be worth asking here. many experienced hosts lurking in the dark waters...

Apartments Darko

Same problem for me, can't get to talk to anyone. If I send a message, I have to wait for a week to get an answer. Some situations can't wait.

They changed the answering system, so now whenever I want to call I have to write the reservation number, and when I write it the call gets hanged up immediately. This is really frustrating.

Nafaa Ghozzi

I'm in Tunisia, and IT IS high season. We do not have local offices but we're attached to the Moroccan offices. 4 landlines do not answer !!

I'm managing 2 hotel properties on Booking.com. The first is going without any major issues. For the second, sales have been opened for few days then been closed with no prior notice. After 1 week, and many messages of the type "we will get back to you soon" I got a valid response explaining that I did not introduce the Location Confirmation Code. But on the extranet, at that time, they show that I have still 2 weeks to introduce this code (the time needed to receive this letter by snail mail) . 

Below I happily share my last message to Booking.com , that will explain the extent of my frustration :

"It's been 6 days since you told us that you would answer in 3 days. It's been 1 week since I sent you my last message. It's been 12 days since we first reported our issue. It's been 2 weeks since sales are closed on our property. In conclusion, it's been a very big disappointment to treat with The World's Largest Online Reservation System's Support Department."

Any Tips how I can solve my problem ? Before I decide to drop booking and concentrate on Expedia or any other OTA ?


Don Burns

The San Francisco, California phone number for hosts, which works best for me, is:  415 633-4075

Maria Bohr Frank

I really need to get in contact w Booking, several problems and unaswered questions. f ex- why do you withdraw money on a booking 11days ahead when I have free cancelling 7 days?? Why doesnt my answer on a review show,? Why cant guests easily find how to print a reset? When I call 0046851758040 they ask for "bekräftelsekod" ??