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Minimum stay restrictions on Booking

When potential guests try to book a 1 night stay in high season (we then only allow 2-night stays), Booking simply states 'not available'. IF and only IF the client then scrolls down, he will be suggested alternative dates with a minimum 2-night stay. I am afraid that we loose many clients this way. Why not a pop-up immediately stating 'this accomodation has a minimum 2-nights stay restriction'! There is according to Booking no other way to communicate the minimum 2-nights stay (not in the general description f.i.). That seems silly. Both Booking and us loose many potential clients this way.

M Adamopoulou

I agree info with you. I also have the same problem and I don’t like it. Hope can do something about this.
Have a nice day...

Chatby Lane Lorne

This is still an issue and very frustrating. Does anyone have and tricks to get around this?