Minimum stays on non-refundable rate

Hi,  Booking.com are advising that the minimum stay length for non-refundable rates can only be set manually.  My pricing is based on the standards rate so why can the minimum stay length not also be based on the standard rate.  Does anyone know if this can be done?

I use different minimum stay lengths for peak periods over the year so manually setting them will be a pain and has lead in the past to guests booking less then my standard minimum stay length.


Very easy in fact.

Promo min stay

"Match your chosen rate" is the setting you require. If your normal rate e.g. 2 days minimum stay in June but 7 days in July & August, then the promo will follow the same setting.

It also allows you choose a different min. stay if you wish, except for joining a BDC campaign where it always matches your standard min. stay.