Mobile number on file

So my wife lost her Cell Phone...  these things happen...
( I don't like cell phones. ) - So my wife's number - is the 'official' business - contact number.

Then my laptop screen fades to 'Black'...  and never comes back.

So - I fire up my 'Old' laptop...  - the laptop I used to 'create' my account with BDC. - but for the last few months, I've been using my new laptop.   So 'Security' Says - this is  'New' Device... 'We will text you a code'... ( Choice of only 1 number on file !! ) - no email option. -   They also supply a 'Local' phone number that is wrong.

Then I get an email - warning me - that I have a booking 'arriving' that day...

I fire off an email - to '3 Different' people begging for help - to get a local contact number... or how I can get back into my account...   - check-in date was  2019-03-09.

Thank you for choosing Booking.com and for being a Genius member.

My name is ||||||||||||, and I write on behalf of Booking.com Team. I would like to offer my apologies for the delay in our response due to a high volume of incoming emails.

I checked the communication between you and the guest and it seems that the guest stayed normally. Please let us know if you still need assistance to modify your phone or access the extranet.

I got the email on 12th of March.

So, the lesson is - make sure you have more than one mobile number on file with BDC.


Now't to do with BDC but was your new laptop still running when the screen went black or did the entire thing shut down.

If the former, plug in a monitor to the VGA port, there will be button on the keypad to select an external screen y voila! Use as normal. (In which case it's most likely the video controller board on the laptop that's failed, dismatle screen shroud assembly and replace...usually)

If the latter, well, holy doo doo batman!


Hi Fluff,

Still running. - its a Mac, so yea, HDMI cable - to the guy next door's TV
- and I was able to login to BDC and update the mobile number.

They now think I'm some kind of 'Wizard' who can make the internet - appear inside a tv.
- ( Lucky he is close enough - in range of my wifi.)

( Yes, we own a TV - but that just 'Died' last week also... )

We live close to the sea. Salt air and 'technology' don't mix well, for long.

The Mac is less than a year old, so still covered. - just need to take it into the 'big city' to get fixed. - the TV... I'm not sure, we'll see if they can fix. The Brand is 'American Standard' - the 'Blue' Standby light - now blinks red. - I'm sure that means something to someone... but not me.


Blinking red light, usually a failure in the power supply board, main power capacitor rated in DC and a high UF marking (can shaped approx size of finger tip) or mains rated capacitor, probably red, blue or yellow with a low UF marking...

Same here for salt air, gives everything a shorter life.


I will get someone to take it in for a repair quote. - if it's not too much, I'll get it fixed
- if not, then its just 'spare parts' for the next TV.

" Salt Air " - lets hope that does not include - Humans. :)

I like to think it my even extend life...
the same way - in days of old - they used it preserve meat - at sea.


Well, we are basically meat but not sure being cured for preservation is the way to go :0

Then, our brains are electro-chemical, oops!

M Adamopoulou

Oh my goodness, what a mess...

I go crazy when my devices are not working. Its a nightmare.

Saltair destroys everything, even our brain, so be careful stay away....


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