Modelo 21 double taxation relief form

I can not download the mod21rfi form required to submit to the tax office from my booking.com account. Any advise?





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Posting something like this will not result in any action at all.


You have not completed your partner profile so we do not even know what country this for for.


Do not be lazy finish you profile. see guide below.


That is not a feature on Extranet, that is a local thing you need to do.


You likely will need to download it from your country's Tax website or see if option to fill it out online.



You could maybe message BdC Support but they likely will tell you to go talk to your accountant, or local tax office or they cant help with individual country tax forms.



You likely will have to use the Finance menu in Extranet to download all PDFs for 2019/2020 and manually reconcile it all and fill out your forms.



Let us know how it works out.



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