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Monthly minimums

During this time of the pandemic, our condo is not allowing short term stays. We must change our listing to 30 day minimum stays. ON the promotions tab it only allows 7 day minimum stay promotions. I am using Guesty as our PMS. 

We need to make sure no one can book for stays less than 30 days to comply with our condo bylaws. How do I change and ensure we are only set up to accomodate 30 day minimum stays? 


You should be able to do this in your calendar.  If you can't see the Minimum and Maximum stay lines contact the help and ask them to give you access.  You should email them using the Inbox icon on Extranet.





You should make it 28 days to simplify things. 


On the calendar list view, on left toggle and expand all rows


The extended fields like Min number of nights etc should be here per offering by date.


There are by default some hidden to such as No Arrival etc,,, simply, message BdC support to enable all Calendar List View Extended fields for controlling availability.



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