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Monthly price


I would like to fix a a price depending on the length of the rent. For example, if booking for 30 days, the rate per night wouled be lower than the one booking for a week.

I couldn't find the way to implement it.

Thank you for your help,




You need to set up a Promotion.  Easy to do and then you add a discount for how many nights.  So you can easily set up one for different discount rates and another one for different number of days.




 Yes I pointed out this flaw recently , that Rate Plans have a max value of 7 nights.

Feature Request : Rate Plan - Increase 7 Night max settings to 31


So the way I do it is :


  • Open Calendar - List View
  • Consider that shortest month of year is 28 days, so base max availability on 28 not 30.
  • Nightly Base Rate X (Non Refundable)
  • Nightly Flexi Rate Y is 20% more
  • 3 Night Rate NR is N.B.R. *3 (discount of x% or x Euro)
  • 3 Night Rate Flexi is x% more
  • etc..
  • Now Clicking first nightly base rate, I set Max Length of stay 28
  • Do same for all other plans
  • Now consider some early, mid week days Sun-Wed you might want to lower price, but also set a minimum of 2 nights.
  • As the rate plan setup option is max 7nights, set a Rate Plan called 7PlusNights (Non Refundable) Set its rate to be x * 28 = max rate you want if 28days booked.


Using promotions may have unintended consequences. such as stacked with mobile + genius.


Be careful until you fully understand it.


Take the time to map it all out in a spread sheet.



Kind Regards