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More flexible rooms reservation

I'm looking for an option to move reservations from one room to another room. I'm missing this option so in full season instead of having booked all rooms I have many openings.

I have listed 5 triple rooms. Basically they all the same but because I have to list them separately due to the Ical reservation very often spread without any sense. I could have an open longer period instead of the opening here and there.

I had a reservation system that arranges it wonderful but if I move reservations my way, booking still has it the way reservation was made. So the room is blocked. 

I was trying to add the room number so it opens for another reservation but is blocking room where ever is sink with. I'm missing the option of a more flexible calendar on Booking.

Very often when we have available better room we're moving guests to it. But then for the same guest 2 rooms are blocked since I can not formally do any changes.

I do have the option to upgrade room set up on Booking, but there is no option to release the open room for reservation.

I do this often for commercial reasons, less expensive room more likely will be booked and guests whos room was upgraded are very happy. 

Calling Booking is almost impossible to get through. ANY advice?




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As a constructive  note, please don't name as Admin, or generic words, instead name as either the Property Listing Name or actual Full name.


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we cant see what staff can so the more relevant info you set on your profile and share in such topics the easier it is for us to build a picture of what the query or issue really is.


While it cant be done via Extranet , the is slight possibility contacting phone support might be able to.


On the chance it is not an option:


I would :

  • Leave as is
  •  in note field , add " put guest in room X instead"
  •  In Calendar, List view , for same dates on the room booked increase inventory count by 1 from 0 to create availability only for those date ,so someone else can book.
  • If the room you are moving the reservation to is not fully booked reduce its inventory by 1.








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