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More insightful Guest Review System

Dear partners, 

Happy to share a few important updates related to the Guest Review System that was discussed during Click. 2021. You can watch the full video of the session with Rahul Chidgopkar, Senior Product Manager; Pranay Das, Product Marketing Manager on our Click. 2021 event page.

This topic gets a lot of partners’ attention in the Partner Community. I know that many of you would like to change the system logic the way it serves best for the property owners. However, the biggest challenge for the product team is to build a system that will both serve guests and partners needs. And it is great to see how many steps forward we all do to achieve this. Here are the key updates I want to mention:

No-show reviews are improved

Our product team managed to improve the no-show reviews i.e. reviews left by real customers who had made bookings (therefore are ‘verified’ reviews), but who did not actually stay. Previously, partners had to contact us to get these reviews removed. Now 95% of no-show reviews are automatically removed from our platform without the partner needing to take any action. 

Anonymous reviews concern is recognized

The Guest Review System product team received sufficient feedback from partners that helped them to recognize the concern of “anonymous reviews”. I think it is a big win for Community partners as well cause I know many of you mentioned this in the comments. The dilemma is that many guests prefer to provide feedback anonymously, so we are currently exploring all possibilities with this and are committed to making any changes, if we do, in the early part of this year. 

New insights and tailored advice features

The product team works on several initiatives that will help partners use reviews data and insights to understand their guests better. Here are some new features being explored:

  • Filters that partners can use to dig deeper into different types of reviews. Ex. who your happy/unhappy customers were, where they come from, reviews about specific topics (breakfast, staff, etc);
  • Benchmarking with your competitors;
  • Artificial intelligence will analyze your reviews as well and help to focus on the problematic areas;
  • Tailored advice based on your property performance to help you improve your performance. For example: we will analyze the guest’s history and past reviews to inform you in advance that she is vegetarian. This will enable you to make necessary arrangements to cater to the guest.

Well, as you can see, we can expect some really exciting features based on artificial intelligence. What do you think about Guest Reviews System updates and new insight features?



  1. No-show reviews are improved
    1. What examples of the other 5% not auto removed are there?  


Sergei - Commu…

Hi, BrookAve! Thanks for your question. In some cases a review requires further investigation, so it cannot be removed automatically. Of course, if we see that it is still supposed to be removed, it will be removed.

Isle of Wight …

A no-show review should not need further investigation. People who do not show up should not be allowed to post reviews. Never, ever, ever.

Sergei - Commu…

Well, users make mistakes sometimes. Our product team wants to make sure it is not the case. 

Isle of Wight …

I think that's a very poor response to the problems with the guest review system.

Committed to nothing with the anonymous reviews.

No change to the scoring system, so guests can still post nonsense overall scores that bear no relevance to the scores given on individual elements.

No mention of the problems with dishonest, racist and generally offensive reviews.

I'm glad you're excited by not very much though ......

michael beeston

Regarding the review system (again !!)  When guests make a review fine (I have no objections to what  they say) BUT when a guest uses the non smiling icon and says things like.....Nothing wrong perfect/ did not want to leave/sorry to go/nothing nothing nothing ect.it comes up that 10% 5% or whatever percentage are not happy compared to the ones who use only the smiling icon !!.Why have this unsmiling icon at all !!!!..Why,Why. if a guest wants to make a negative review they can do it on a regular review.....Why do we have this useless Icon ????.It is purely a Computer Generated message.

Sergei - Commu…

Hello, michael beeston! Indeed, unfortunately, some users are not attentive enough to see that this unhappy smiley face section is not supposed to be filled if a guest didn't have any bad experience. The bright side is that this does not affect the property score. So even if a guest put "nothing, everything was great" to the unhappy smiley face section, it won't affect your property score. As for the visual side, yes, it looks a bit weird, I agree. However, people can see what the person meant when they read the review.

michael beeston

Hi Sergei.....Thanks for the response and I agree. Some Guests are not attentive enough to not fill it in BUT then WHY do we have it ??? if it does NOTHING/Does not effect the review score then WHY does BDC not just DELETE  this unsmiling Weird face , it just creates " an awful" feeling of negativity for the Hosts, especially during this terrible terrible Pandemic time...Many thanks Michael The Pinnacle.

Sergei - Commu…

Hi, michael beeston! I wouldn't say it does nothing. For many guests and partners, it is a way to deliver feedback about what went wrong. Because we see some guests using it in the wrong way, it doesn't mean they all do so. Users make mistakes, unfortunately. It shouldn't be a reason for bad feelings, especially when they say that nothing was wrong and they were happy to stay at the property.  

michael beeston

Hi Sergei.................Maybe.??  .if you had an "accomodation property" (which I don,t think you do ?/) you would understand from a Host a little differently, you think  BDC !!! But thanks for the reply anyway.....Best regards Michael.


One day come to Aussie and stay with us................you would Love it.  Cheers.

Rodger MacKenz…

Hi Sergei,

The community feels that the changes to the review system don't go far enough or do enough to ameliorate our concerns. We echo what Isle of Wight has said that anonymous reviews shouldn't be permitted as we as moteliers/hoteliers/backpackers etc don't get to hide behind the veil of anonymity 

Our biggest concern however is with the user-selected choice of the overall score as guests for whatever reason don't select an overall score that works with their individual aggregates. Here are a few examples.

Example review








In this case, customer has manually selected '8' when the overall score based on aggregate should be '10'. Here's another one. 


Example 2







To be clear, the community isn't trying to 'decieve' or 'control' what feedback guests leave but we do feel the current system unfairly penalises properties. Do you have official statistics on how many properties have experienced a rating 'drop' due to the review system change and do you know when/if a change to the review system will happen or an official response to the numerous topics raised on the issue will be issued? 

Kind regards,

Rodger & Tilly

michael beeston

Hello Roger and Tilly

Thanks for replying to this very "interesting subject." we are the same and I am sure many Hosts are asking the same question time and time again...............we have scored a perfect 10 4 years in a row  for The Pinnacle BUT the last few reviews have said ..Wonderful/Never better/Best stay/Marvelous/Lovely hosts BUT although we get 1010 10 10  10 (just like your examples) we have scored 2 8's overall !!! !!!!!!!!........................YES !!! agree with you guys....We are being PENALISED for during a Brilliant job !!!...Makes No sense. !!!

Nice to hear from you ..where are you located ???  We are The Pinnacle Apartments Gold Coast Queensland.

Best regards....Michael and Rita.

Rodger MacKenz…

Hi Michael & Rita!

Delightful to hear from you! We run the Alpine View Motel down in Beautiful Te Anau in Southland New Zealand. We're the Gateway to Milford Sound. We've made threads on this topic before but sadly we never get a proper response from booking.com on them =(

The previous owners neglected the motel and we've spent the last two years fixing it up and renovating only for our rating to fall when if anything, our aggregate scores have gone up since we took possession. It's disheartening for us as property owners

michael beeston

Kia ora Guys !!!

Lovely to hear from you and we have been to NZ a few times mainly Queenstown....Beautiful to say the least.

Like you I get disapointed from time to time with BDC answers and response BUT they are a HUGE accommodation company and we ( small small stuff) don't have the leverage of the Big Hotel/Motel Groups. 

I have to say I NEVER see any questions or answers from the Marriott/Hilton/Sofitel/Holiday inns or any body such as these monsters !!

That's life and once again for the last 4.5 years I have had nothing but praise for BDC...................Just wish they would would answer some of our questions on a more direct basis instead of saying .."go to our particular website "....such as the Review system ?? and see what it says.

Nice to talk and good luck with your Motel (just had a look on BDC.....Very nice) and when you come over to Queensland stay with us at The Pinnacle where the Champagne is Endless !!!!! hahahaha.

Take care and "Haere ra" for now..................Michael and Rita.

M Adamopoulou

Hi Rodger  and Tilly and welcome to the Partner Community.

I tend to believe that the major problem with the Review System is the Overall Rating....the system is confusing...


Maybe BDC should give more details to guests how reviews work...


I know it’s not our job to inform guests how the review system works but sometimes I do...


Please remember to edit your profile...add your property link.


Keep well 😊