Moving guests to another room - how to re-open rooms

Moved guests from the rooms they originally booked to larger rooms (free of charge). How can I unblock the rooms originally booked as Booking.com won't let me. Therefore I have empty rooms which I can't make available.





If the setup prevents you from editing list view calendar to increase Inventory, simply add a new room(type) called anything and count of 1 ; close all dates except the dates you want.


Then later delete the room after checkout and payout.


Brenda & Ken Dibble

I just figured this one out.


Under your calendar you have your rows:

Room status

Rooms to sell

Net booked


Block the dates in the new room, then return to the old booking and in the Rooms to Sell row add 1 Room to Sell for each day in the period you want to reopen.

So you will have 1 Net Booked and 1 To Sell instead of the 1 Net Booked and 0 To Sell that it probably is now.

If you synch from Airbnb or someone else, you may have to click the red line in Room status above each date to make it green.

Don't forget to go to your other synching calendars and block out and open the correct dates there too or it will keep reasserting what it thinks is true.

I tried to attach an image... but I need a help file to do that... it just gives me error messages.

Alternatively have the guest cancel and rebook in a different room, but that could lead to issues.