Must reads: August 2020

Dear Community,

Here are some threads and updates I would like to share with you as part of the Monthly recap:

  1. How to become friends with your guests during hard COVID-19 times.
  2. A useful thread from BrookeAve about “Rate Plans, add weekly and monthly rate plans”.
  3. Join the discussion of “Home for business”. Do you think it can be a new trend? Share your opinion.

What was the number one tip you saw in the month of August? Tell fellow partners in the comments below. 

Sergei and the Community Team

M Adamopoulou

Thanks Sergei for the August recap.

“Home for business “ is certainly a trend that many people will adopt...

The Covid-19 is still here and we all have to find ways to make our days productive and happy...

Post about Rate plans....shared by Brook  eAve is most helpful.

Keep well!!!