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Sergei - Community Manager

Must reads: July 2020

Dear Community,

Here are some threads and updates I would like to share with you as part of the Monthly recap:

  1. Read our Tuesday Tip about how to turn lookers into bookers.
  2. An interesting tip about the high-value Genius bookers. Did you know that on average they spend 11% more and have 65% fewer no-shows? During the current climate, this could be a valuable customer to attract. 
  3. An important update about Guest Reviews. To prevent you from getting negatively affected by a loss of guest reviews, will gradually extend the lifetime of your existing reviews from two to three years. This means reviews that were about to expire as of July 31, 2020 will remain for an extra year. Learn more about it in the Help article.

What was the number one tip you saw in the month of July? Tell fellow partners in the comments below. 

Sergei and the Community Team


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BrookAve 2 years ago


While the change to the reviews is welcomed, I can see many being skeptical about enabling Genius features, due to wanting to reduce stacking discounts.


Stacking Deals May2020

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Nevena Veleva 2 years ago

Great, all points are very useful! I have the same opinion about the Genius bookers - more valuable than the regulars.

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Torrdarach 1 year ago

Hi there,


Sorry to sound negative about the reviews but....

Why should reviews from 3 years ago stay on a properties page?

How the hell wants to know how it used to be?

When I look for somewhere to stay, then I will look over the first page of reviews and the rest I don't even bother looking at.

Can we not have one page of reviews so that the information is up to date?


Also, regarding how the guests score, I believe, is also poor!

When guests click on an emoji which is smiling, why doesn't the score that appear also only show the emoji and not a score of 7.5 for example?


My opinion on the Genius is also negative..

It doesn't bring my business any more bookings at all.

Why do I have to offer a welcome drink or discounts, instead of offering quality, extra services, extra amenities or something?


We still have loads of cancellations even from "Genius" bookers.

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Isle of Wight … 1 year ago

Genius bookers actually pay less because they get a discount. We can get fully booked without Genius, so without discounting.