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my guest is off her head

really worried. This was a last minute booking which defied both the restrictions we have in place:

minimum 1 day notice

arrival before 10 pm

the contact number given is incorrect (You do check the contact numbers you are given don't you?)

added to that this booking is at a very much reduced rate - only £45 per night where we are usually £55-65.

the guest appears, by her demeaner, to be high on drugs, unable to stand upright on arrival and 15 minutes after check in is sitting on the pavement outside our property with a male person - unknown to us. She refuses to wear a mask and I am worried about COVID-19 and that the room will be trashed.

She is not from the UAE nor, I believe, was the payment that you received.

Please help


please could I have a telephone number to call you on