My little guests

Hi! guys,

LMy little guests enjoy picnic even late in the night.


Aaltje B.

Dear Maria, 


Haaaa, I have to turn the computer upside down to see the picture, or wait, I'll make a handstand , heheh. 

How are you going? I have visited Israel for 8 days, so was pretty close to you!  And back home now adjusting from jetlag. Going from summer to winter in two days is not easy, with body clock being upside-down. 

Are you busy during the summer now, Maria? 

Greetings from Aaltje. Photo's later, promise! 

M Adamopoulou


I am so happy to hear from you!!!

Did you also go to Holland???

Was Israel in your plans or was a last minute decision...Yes very close to me, too bad you didn’t come to Greece.

Last week I had guests from Israel...

Upload pictures of your trip to Israel I am sure you made some beautiful shootings. Nobody posts pictures anymore...

Well, no I am not so busy I am mostly enjoying the summertime with friends and my granddaughter.

This year I have too many cancellations...allof them from Genius booked months ago.  Very disappointed...withGenius.

All of the hosts in my area have changed their rates to non-refundable due to many cancellations!!!

Wish you well my sweetie.

Aaltje B.

Oh dear! These cancellations and fake bookings....too many of them. Lately I had someone ask for a whole month via other platform. They use stolen credit card information...I did ignore, since I saw smoke coming from this request. 

Would you not change to non-refundable? I guess you won't make much then.

I am glad that you take it relaxed and you are not stressed about it. Because that the last thing you need in summer. 

I took 1800 photo's! One week in Israel and many days spent with family in Holland, mainly my mum. Will look for one to start with. 

Wishing you a great time with all your family and friends. 

Shalom from Aaltje B. Golan, you're beautiful / With hubby and host pointing out to Jordan river and places to visit.

M Adamopoulou

Dear Aaltje, so you also had some cancellations!!!

Yes, I did add non-refundable rates.  Surely I will have less reservations but it’s better than having 100% cancellations...it’s not what I want.

Maybe BDC should think of putting a limit up to cancellations. We will end up not trusting each other and that won’t help either one.

It’s very nice that you had time with your mum.

What do you mean you look for to start with???

This week I will have guests from Italy and I am very happy because I love Italians, I have many Italian friends and they are so funny to be with.  Hope mine are too.

Wish a great night...