My properties are closed and opened and should be changed


I have 2 properties 

Sandbergen - Strandnära fritidshus

***. I want it to be open from now and until June 20

Fritidshus i Sandbergen


it should be closed now until April 30

Open May 1st until May 11th

Closed May 12 until May 16

Open May 17 until June 20

The problem is that even if I try, it won’t function.

I get a positive message but when I try to find it as if I were a guest, it seems as if *** is open and *** is closed. Could you help me please? I don’t want to speak English over the phone 

Best wishes

Monika Andersson


Fritidshus i S…

My Property 

Sandbergen - Strandnära Fritidshus


cannot be booked and I don’t understand why