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My property is not visible on


Why my property is not shown on even the dates are open. Is something happend?

Thank you in advance.





  1. Complete you Partner Profile and add your listing link
    1. How & Why Add your Listing to your Partner Community Profile  
  2.  Use the - View My Listing link in Extranet , top right 2nd circle menu to find it.  
  3. Review your Availability Calendar in List View and tick restrictions to check for what is blocking  
  4. If still no joy then contact BdC Partner Support directly as they can then view the same as you and advise.
    1. Message or Call Partner Support

      1. Extranet > Inbox > Booking Messages

      2. Click See Contact Options

      3. Select Topic e.g. Account

      4. Click Message or Call to reveal your private Partner Support number


Kind regards



  • Reminder posting action requests here , cannot be actioned at all. if you only post them here.   
  • BdC Partner Support nor Finance Teams have zero presence here and will never see anything posted.  
  • So if urgent, always contact the BdC Partner Support via the method above.
Account Adviso…


Perhaps give your restrictions a check? It could be a possible reason why your calendar is open but you're not seeing availability on the front end.

Please see this link.