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Need to cancel a past booking

Guest was  trying to cancel booking but was unable to- we have agreed to offer a refund but must get the booking cancelled in your system first

*** - Arrival 04/06/20- Booking number ***




You dont need to request it here and it is also self service too.




  1. Open reservation page
  2. Optional: send a pre-cursor message to guest to say you are cancelling, and that they will receive another notification to confirm and must do so in order for the prepaid rate to be fully refunded.
  3. Click Request To Cancel on right pane
  4. Choose option 2.
  5. System will send notification to guest, they then must click to accept so the refund in full process can start once they do.


You can use this also for when you need to instigate a cancellation, such as over /double booking; maintenance issue (burst pipe) etc. ; pandemic lockdown etc..



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