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Need help with question regarding Siteminder and Booking


I have 2 properties in with 2 separate IDs.

One of the properties has 5 rooms. The other property has 1 room. 2 Ids were needed because they have different addresses.

I am using a Channel Manager that integrates all 6 rooms, but I would like to start working with Siteminder instead.

Siteminder is telling me that they can only integrate 1 property but not both of them (because in they are separated in 2 different IDs.) I spoke with to know if there was any possibilities to have them under the same ID but this is not possible because they have 2 different addresses.

Still, I find it a bit strange, because how many Property Managers are there with multiple houses in different addresses and still being able to concentrate all these houses under the same PMS?

Can someone help with ideas?

Many thanks! Paula

Harizma Alliance LP
2 years ago

Seems like here is a bit misunderstanding. You can have as much properties as you want under your account. So let's say we, Effective Tours, provide channel manager & PMS functionality for our clients for unlimited properties  under one account. In your case, if will be $10 for both properties. Pretty strange, that Siteminder can't do that.  P.S. - Switch to us and get 2 month free

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pibomarco 2 years ago

With my Channel Manager (MyAllocator) it is also not possible to have two properties under one CM account. I mean it is possible, but we need to pay basicly for two CM's if having two different ID's. 

10$ is very good price.