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Neither the host or the guest can cancel the reservation.


I, as a host, send a request cancelation to my guest due the Coronavirus situation. The guest replied me that the cancellation was not cost free so she, as a guest, send me a request to cancel the reservation at free cost. Now, neither the guest neither me can see any option to accept the cancellation.

What steps could I follow to finally cancel this reservation at no cost for the guest?





You have not said when the check - in date is or how long prior to it is.


Either way both parties can logon and cancel the booking.


But if ye for some bizarre reason don't see it , just message support with booking number to do it.





Tarraco Apartment

Thanks a lot for the reply. I never messaged support before and could not find how to do it, so I thought that the forum could be the way. Anyway, I've found it now and I messaged them.

Regards the issue. The guest check-in was in 1 week and outside the period allowed to cancel the reservation by herself. I agreed to send her a cancellation request that I understood it did not imply any cost for the guest. However, the guest messaged me telling that the cancellation was not free and that she requested a free cancellation to the host. Result, I cannot see her request neither start a new cancellation request and the same seems to happen in the other side.