New off -line way to navigate when travel, YAY

More often then not we have guests complain about not being able to find our address. And that is frustrating for both hosts and guests. 

Reason is: out in the rural areas there often is no reception and all GPS and the likes are not working. So this should be a great alternative. It's called :  MAPS.ME

you can download MAPS.ME as an app on your phone. Mine works with Android as well (instead of I-phone) 

It is free, it works off-line and you are able to find your destination and navigate. It has many other features. Hopefully it works here in New Zealand as good as it does in other countries. It even caters for Chinese , Japanese and Korean languages and many other! 

Let me know what your thoughts are, 

Now I have to add it to the guests' info as a template. 


Aaltje B.

M Adamopoulou

Wow -Aaltje-Cornelia-Petronella-Broekhuizen thats great news. I already downloaded and I am anxious to use it. I live in a rural place myself and internet connection is very poor.

Its incredible..... hope it works...

Thanks for this info... and have a nice day.


Nice idea and heads-up but too many dubious access permissions required, not for me.


It has general access to all storage on your device. No,no,no....