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New Multiple Room Property - Advice Please

Hi Guys

I hope you can help, I have been running a single property on for nearly a year now but I am about to add a property with 7 rooms. 

Can you explain what happens? Do I need to create each room separately?

Has anyone had any experience and can offer some top tips?

Thanks in advance.


M Adamopoulou

Hi Liam, I remember our partner Barry gave another partner a very good advice how to proceed.

As soon as Barry sees your comment he will help you at no time.

Wish you a great start...

M Adamopoulou

Dear Sergei, what a coincidence!!! I need your help!!!

I have posted a thread about WIFI.

Barry does not agree with my point.  

Please enlighten me in this matter....and if I am wrong please delete my post.

Thank you for your kind support.

Community Admin

Dear Liam MacIntyre! Thanks for posting in the Community!


Firstly, it is important for you to decide how would you like to sell this property: as 7 separate rooms or as one unit with 7 rooms?


If you choose to rent it out as 1 unit (for example, Vacation house with 7 bedrooms), then you do not need to create 7 separate rooms. 


If you choose to rent each room separately,  you will still have to make one registration only (for example, guest house), but then you need to create separate 7 rooms under "Property" tab - "Room details" (also known as "Property layout") of this registration.


Best regards!

Liam MacIntyre

Thanks Guys


I don't know who Barry is but thanks.

The property is a guest house but with 7 rooms so does this mean I make 1 registration and add rooms each time?


Is that how to link to a Channel Manager?